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Now highest quality antiques heart pine and oak flooring at reduced rates, now available beautiful old world reclaimed thin paneling, interior and exterior introducing reclaimed thin brick vininer.

History: Antique Heart Pine

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Long before the pioneers began to roam our great country, huge quantities of giant pines covered the land from Virginia to the eastern boundaries of Texas.  Grand and magnificent, these giants stood for hundreds of years in the vast reaches of the American wilderness.  Southern Long Leaf Pine or Heart Pine as the species is commonly known by today, could take up to five hundred years to mature.  Growing at a rate of only one inch in diameter every thirty years and reaching heights of one hundred and fifty feet or more. 

     Prior to the Revolutionary War, these Heart Pine giants were used by the English for the masts of their naval fleets. With the founding of the United States and the following economic expansion, these old growth timbers were used by pilgrims as the structural backbone in the construction of mills and factories throughout the eastern part of the country. 

     There are only about 10,000 acres of protected Heart Pine forest left in the United States. Old growth Heart Pine can now be found only through reclamation of antique timbers.


    Structural timbers as well as roof and floor decking are harvested from these retired and abandoned mills carefully and by hand, to ensure both quality and salvage of this valuable recycled historic treasure.   Antique Heart Pine is a rare, one of a kind building material, offering a unique variety of grade, texture, color and fiber.   Flooring and structural or decorative timbers available.